With over 1000 employees, ACCU Group brings together expertise from over 30 countries. Over the last 10 years this global expansion has enabled ACCU EMEA, with offices including Germany, UK, Czechia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and South Africa, to provide professional and efficient services across a range of industries including automotive, consumer electronics and e-mobility.

ACCU EMEA has established itself as a credible one-stop solutions and service platform provider for the multinational operation of businesses and enterprises. Our core services focus on service integration, quality engineering services, warehousing and logistics, rework and assembly. This enables step-by-step support to businesses and enterprises at each step of the process, improving capabilities and efficiencies across entire business processes. This is further enhanced by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001, TISAX certifications, as well as our VDA and six sigma experts, demonstrating our commitment to delivering to a consistently high standard, whilst always striving to measure and improve every aspect of the business operations. 

It’s an exciting time for providing supply chain quality management and third-party logistics (3PL). ACCU Group’s reputation as a world-leading quality solution provider, combined with being Asia’s largest quality service company for electronics and automotive manufacturing, has enabled us to seamlessly support successful implementations for electric vehicles within the automotive industry.

Our Culture


Creating a sustainable supply chain ecosystem


To deliver end-to-end supply chain solutions that drive quality, value, innovation, and sustainability, empowering businesses to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and exceed customer expectations in an increasingly interconnected, competitive, and dynamic global market.


  • Integrity & Sustainability

We uphold the highest ethical standards, transparency, and honesty in all our interactions, fostering trust with our clients, partners, and stakeholders.

We embrace sustainability as a core value, promoting environmentally responsible practices, social responsibility, and ethical supply chain management to create a positive impact on people, communities, and the planet.

  • Collaboration & Innovation

We foster a collaborative environment, internally and externally, promoting teamwork, open communication, and the exchange of knowledge to drive innovation and achieve shared goals.

We cultivate a culture of innovation, encouraging creativity, exploring new ideas, and embracing emerging technologies to drive continuous improvement, efficiency, and value creation for our clients.

  • Customer Focus & Growing Together

We prioritize the needs and success of our customers, striving to exceed their expectations by delivering tailored solutions and exceptional service.

We prioritize reliability and consistency in our service delivery, maintaining the highest standards of quality and performance, and growing together with our customers.

Quality Principles

ACCU Quality Principles



  • ACCU Germany and ACCU Poland were established.
  • ACCU EMEA reached its first 500 employees and over 20,000sqrm WH space.
  • Accu Russia was closed.


  • ACCU Hungary was established


  • ACCU South Africa was established


  • ACCU Russia was established
  • ACCU reached over 10,000sqrm WH space


  • ACCU Romania was established and opened the Quality Transition Centre.
  • ACCU EMEA reached its first 200 employees.


  • ACCU UK was established
  • ACCU Slovakia was established


  • ACCU EMEA established operations in Egypt


  • ACCU EMEA established operations in Hungary and Russia
  • ACCU EMEA reached its first 100 employees


  • ACCU EMEA established operations in Slovakia and Turkey


  • ACCU EMEA was founded by establishing ACCU Czech as an operation centre in Europe to cover Europe, the Middle East and Africa
  • ACCU EMEA established operations in Poland


  • ACCU GROUP was founded


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